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Stay on top of things Without losing focus

All your work messages, mentions, and updates
in one place.

How it works

Welcome to your power hour

iZenHover sorts all messages, mentions and other activity from your work apps into a single, hour-long checklist, ranked by importance

Outside of this hour, most activity is muted, giving you the space to concentrate

Whitelist certain users so you can focus in peace, secure that you won't miss anything important

Precision Matters

One app to mute them all

Read and respond to all messages, mentions, and updates from Slack, Gmail, Google Docs, Trello, and many other apps from one place — and mute those annoying notifications once and for all.

Impressive Benchmarks

No more FIFO

iZenHover uses machine learning to prioritize incoming items based on their importance to you. You'll never miss anything that shouldn't be missed.

Precision Matters

Reclaim your workday

iZenHover sorts all activity from your work apps into a single, hour-long checklist, allowing you to deal with all of your checks and responses at one time and minimizing time wasted switching between tasks. Get 90% of your working day back — so you can focus on what's important.

Impressive Benchmarks

Protect your focus with auto-replies

Set a daily response time slot and iZenHover will send polite and friendly auto-replies to your colleagues who contact you outside of those hours — with a different creative response every time. Now you can focus in peace, secure in the knowledge that no one thinks you're ignoring them.

Precision Matters

Let the people speak. Some of them

iZenHover allows you to whitelist and selectively unmute notifications from a particular person on your contact list. Concentrate on your work without worrying that you might be keeping your boss or an important client waiting.

Impressive Benchmarks

Stay in touch when it matters

For truly urgent matters, iZenHover's emergency protocol 🚨 allows your co-workers to reach out to you immediately. We just added few extra steps to make sure they only use it when it is really necessary 🙂


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What We Do

🔏 Your privacy is our top priority

iZenHover runs entirely locally, so there's no need to worry about granting another company access to your data. We never copy or upload any data from your work apps. Ever.

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Meet the Developers

Yura and Nik are the co-founders of YouTeam (YC W18) — the marketplace for engineering team extension. Before that Yura was the CEO of Hubbub.fm, a "Twitter for the voice" (or Clubhouse's unknown 2011 European predecessor) and Nik was the CTO of Clickky, once Europe's fastest-growing adtech company.

In 2018, YouTeam was backed by Y Combinator, and Yura and Nik moved to California from Europe. Now they had to adapt to the new working schedule — 10 timezones removed from the rest of the team. This usually meant waking up early and handling all work communication within a few hours in the morning to make the most of the timezone overlap.

Before long, both Yura and Nik realized that this kind of schedule made them significantly more productive than before. Having addressed all transactional stuff in the morning, they suddenly had the rest of the day free for 'deep work' — like coding or research.

This is how iZenHover was born.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is iZenHover going to be released?

We are currently talking to customers and building early prototypes to better understand which features should be prioritized in the first release. The plan is to have a live beta ready before the end of the second quarter of 2021.

Which apps does it integrate with?

Eventually, we are looking to integrate most of the work apps that people use every day. The first version of iZenHover will integrate the following apps: – Slack – Microsoft Teams – Gmail – Google Calendar – Google Docs – Trello – Jira – Notion

How much does it cost?

When launched, iZenHover is going to be a monthly subscription service. We are still figuring out the actual pricing, but there is one thing we’re certain about already right now: the first year is going to be free for everyone who subscribed before the app planned launch in June 2021. > Subscribe now and get 1 year of iZenHover free!

Is my data going to be copied or uploaded anywhere?

Absolutely not. iZenHover does not copy any third-party app data or upload anything to the cloud. All your work is stored in your local client app.

How does iZenHover prioritize my messages and mentions?

iZenHover assigns a priority score to every update you receive from your work apps. The algorithm that calculates the score tries to anticipate which messages, mentions, or updates would be most important and time-sensitive to you. It constantly analyses every action to improve accuracy. Here are some of the variables in play: – Type of the app. Messengers (e.g. Slack or MS Teams) imply instant response, whereas, say, email or project management apps are asynchronous by design; – The sender. The app prioritizes the conversations with the people you interact with more often. You can also assign a star rating or manually unmute a person, which will also influence the priority scores of the updates that origin from that person. – The ‘conversation’. Every time you respond to an update from a particular Slack channel or Jira issue, all further updates from the same source come with a higher priority score. And vice versa: every time you postpone or ignore an update – this decreases the rating of all further updates from the same source. – Manual actions. By dragging the update cards up and down the list or pinning them, you can influence the priority score.
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